New non-horse fitness goals!!

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New non-horse fitness goals!!

Postby Fuego » Tue Mar 23, 2010 9:16 am

So, my older used-to-compete gelding (now 15 yrs) is slowly being brought down from eventing into a leisurely life of non-competition. But with this, comes my similar transition from competing 9 months of the year to nadda, and I'm not taking to it very well. Though he could still go Training (nothing higher anymore), his age, fitness and money all play a part in this decision.

I'm still hitting up the barn about 3-4 days a week and keeping him lower-level dressage/jump fit, but without aggressive and purposeful goals like showing or upgrading, I'm feeling very slumpy and extremely unmotivated. To the point where I'll use the fact that it's slightly windy as a good excuse not to go to the barn. :roll:

I need a new goal. A new purpose. Enter my annoyingly fit, energetic and activity-motivated boyfriend who has an addiction to cycling and tri's. :lol: He has gently convinced me to try a new sport; not to replace riding (we like-minded individuals on here know that could never happen), but to replace the need to compete and train for something. After mucho research and shopping for advice, together we bought road bikes! Not even a blink for him as he's done triathlons before, but I've NEVER ridden a road bike, nor had my feet permanently clipped into the pedals, NOR biked on roads with passing vehicles!!

But I'm pretty excited to give it a try and shoot for new events like the Becel Ride for Heart down the DVP, and small, mini-biathlons through the city. :tu:

Does anyone on here also ride road bikes? Or have any tips for a very beginner roadie? Or how to start training for a long road ride?

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